A Creature's Lair

While I was home I finally had photoshop installed on my Surface. FUCKING EXCITING RIGHT?! For real though I can barely draw a clean line with a pen or a pencil (I usually go over the line multiple times to at make it look somewhat clean!) and I’m learning that I can’t do it with a stylus either. Oh man. I feel like I did way back in the day in my first high school art class! When my art teacher started talking about light and dark, shading, positive and negative space and I’m sure a whole bunch of other shit that I should remember but don’t. Hehe. A whole new and VERY difficult medium to learn. I am so up to the challenge because I’ve wanted to go digital for years now. I excel at pattern and being able to do digital work will open up a few more doors for me. And I know its a process and the more I practice the better I’ll get but fuck man I don’t even know where to begin with trying to figure out how to color a simple shape in with out it looking like the stuff I did when I was 5! Hehe. Ok maybe 4 I’ve always been really anal about coloring things inside the lines. Which translates to me never letting things end up going off the paper now. I’m a weird artist. Not gonna stop but I’m not gonna kid myself either. I’ve got a long road ahead. 

And seriously downloading and them playing with all kids of different brushes is like my new high at the moment. ITS SO FUN!

posted 2 weeks ago